For Booking info  Some common booking facts for everyone who plays the Slipper: Most everyone plays for the door. When you book your show talk to us and get our opinion on setting the cover price. We don't charge you a PA or Sound person fee. All bands are responsible for payment of any State & Federal income, sales or other taxes on the income they receive from the cover charge.

We have fully equipped PA with a snake running from the stage to the sound booth, so its easy to plug in and go. We use a Mackie sr244 mixer and have two dbx 266 compressors, it all runs through a dbx drive rack. For amps we use QSC 2450's and also a Crest and C audio. There are 4 flying speakers for highs and mids and two 18" Sonics under the stage for lows. We have two Yamaha 10" floor monitors which work well given the size of the room. We use Shure SM58s for vocals and EV CO4s for instrument mics. We've got a few DIs floating around and some wireless mics for those who need to be unrestrained.  If you have any specific questions about our setup email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
For stage dimensions go here
Here's some views of the stage

stage left thumbnail stage right thumbnail
stage from sound booth